How We Treat

Treatments & Services

Our team of podiatrists are registered with the Health & Care Professions Council to provide routine and advanced foot care for children, adults & the elderly. 

Treatments & Services

Nail Care

Thickened, hard, infected, ingrown and just difficult to reach toenails are routinely treated using sterile nail nippers.

Skin Care

Conditions such as corns & callus (hard skin) are gently removed using single use instruments in an aseptic environment.


Viruses such as verrucae and warts, together with fungal and bacterial foot infections are successfully treated.

Diabetic & At Risk Feet

We regularly assess, monitor and treat diabetic patients, and patients who's general health can be affected by foot conditions.

Nail Surgery

We provide nail surgery for ingrown, involuted, thickened and infected toenails under local anaesthetic in a aseptic environment.