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What's Wrong With My Feet?

Top of the foot (Dorsal)

Conditions such as: damaged, infected and ingrown toenails; corns; skin infections, arthritic joints and inflamed tendons are some of the common conditions affecting the top of the foot.

Outside of the foot (Lateral)

There are many condition affect the outside of the foot, such as: achilles tendonitis; peroneal tendonitis; nerve entrapment; capsulitis/synovitis; turf toe; hammer, mallet or retracted toes.

Inside of the foot (Medial)

Plantar fasciitis; posterior tibial tendon dysfunction; tarsal tunnel syndrome; bunions; hallux limitus and rigidus & sesamoiditis are some of the more common conditions affecting the inside of the foot.

Bottom of the foot (Plantar)

Pain at the bottom of the foot is very common. Conditions such as: plantar fasciitis; severs disease; stress fracture; bursitis; nerve entrapment/neuroma; plantar plate tear/rupture; fat pad atrophy are often the cause.